Group Link (GL) is a wireless communication technology for online to offline integration with a direct connectivity solution that can validate user presence. By adding the GL Library, partner Apps can connect to all GL-based sensors, gaining unique locational awareness and communication capacities. Group Link offers a series of unique advantages over existing technologies for customer touchpoint validation, amongst which.

No Bluetooth ON

Works with Bluetooth ON or OFF

No Location Permission

No Location Permission required*

No Pairing Required


No Wifi Required



Hyperlocation, with sub-meter precision


Instant Touchpoint Validation

vs. 15 min average for beacon technology

GDPR Compliant Identification Mechanism

via Advertiser ID or PII, when applicable


300m range sensing and communication

Secure connection

unique ID + encryption + token generated randomness


Consumer Sensing through the GL Technology Stack

The Group Link ™ global patent is unique in its capacity for user sensing through smartphone-native communication protocols (Bluetooth/BLE). The GL Lib effectively enables smartphones to work as data gateways for GL-based sensors placed in key locations. Once in reach, these sensos will trigger micro-data packets send to the Group Link cloud / client API, informing on user events.



Group Link enables new possibilities for offline user attribution and distinct uses in mobile marketing, smart retail and Location as a Service, including: